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Recover Lost Admin Password for HP Color Laserjet 3800dn Printer

computer and printer

Basic Information

The HP Color Laserjet 3800dn printer is a solid product and on the market since many years. Although it is not at the beginning of its product life cycle it is doing a good job in many offices. If the network cable is plugged in and the IP address of the printer is set and known it can be accessed by a web browser for further configuration.

At the right upper side of the web page there is a login link.

The Problem

Short: The password for the user „admin“ was lost and there was no way to log in on the web page of the printer!

Longer story: Recently a customer gave me the task to maintain a HP Color Laserjet 3800dn printer. The password of the user “admin” was not known by the customer and was not documented. After trying several password combinations we decided to carry out a factory reset of the printer. After the reset it was planned to set a new password and for sure note it for future maintenance.

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The Fix

The fix was to reset the printer to the default factory settings by carrying out the following steps:

  1. Turn off the printer, wait and turn the printer back on.

  2. Look at the display of the printer while the printer starts.

  3. The memory counts up and now press and hold the green button with the check mark symbol.

  4. Wait until the three LED’s are lighting and release the green button.

  5. Press “Down Arrow” button and select “Cold Reset”.

  6. Now the printer starts up again.

    Side Note: I had the problem that after a few minutes after starting up, the printer stuck on “calibrating”. I turned off the printer, unplugged the cables, waited two minutes and started the printer again. Finally the printer display showed the “Ready” state.

  7. Then I set again the same IP address on the printers display. Then I opened the web page of the printer in a browser.

  8. After all I set a secure, long and complex password on the web page of the printer and noted it for future maintenance.

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There was no other way to handle this problem. If the password is not known, only through a factory reset the printer can be recovered to regain full access to the printer.

I hope my short story helps other technicians which are in the same situation like I was.

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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Small Businesses

keyboard and caution sign

The GDPR is the basis of general data protection law in the EU. [1]

The GDPR contains regulations to protect natural persons during processing personal data and the free movement of such data and further protects the fundamental rights and freedoms of natural persons and in particular their right to protection personal data. [2]

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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the context of small businesses is often causing high efforts. There is often a lack of money and staff to cover the obligations that those who are responsible must comply with. Three out of four companies see it through The GDPR slowed down innovation. The problem is also that for small and medium sized Companies (SMEs) no exceptions apply. Significant fines are associated with violations of the GDPR – also for SMEs. In practice there is a five-tier catalog of fines established. Two key aspects among others of corporate compliance are handing out of “order processing contracts” to customers and keeping a register for data processing activities. It is also recommended to have a technical and organizationally high-quality data protection [3].

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The GDPR protects citizens and their data. The intention was certainly that the massive data collection, trade and analysis of the multinational companies had to be put against somewhat. However, the restrictive law also applies to small companies. For them it means a high administrative effort and additional bureaucracy.

Datenschutzrecht in Österreich—Datenschutzbehörde. (o. J.).

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Wiercks, F. (2022, 31. Jänner). DS-GVO bleibt für KMU eine große Herausforderung. DATEV

Agile IT Project Management

As an alternative to the linear waterfall model, especially in the field of software development agile approaches became established. When proceeding according to the Waterfall, a phase plan is processed sequentially. At the end there is the product ready to use. [1].

In contrast, there is agile project management. The advantage is that it’s quick, without taking a long time implementation phases, first usable results are available to customers.

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In iterations then the product becomes continually improved, optimized and new functions and features are provided.

In close communication with the customer, flexible adjustments to requirements and the product can be made. The waterfall approach however, this is hardly possible [2].

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An implementation of agile project management is “Scrum”. Here, the “Agile Manifesto” is the basis of action. It is determined there, for example that people and interactions are in the focus.

The focus further is on flexibility, prototyping and close collaboration with the customer. Furthermore, the “12 Principles” declare that delivery in short periods of time should happen continuously, self-reflection should be carried out to increase efficiency, that communication should be carried out personally with experts and developers, etc. Also should the environment of those involved be “motivating” [3].

Agile project management has advantages in many areas, especially in software development in contrast to the long established waterfall model. The customer gets first product versions quicker and high flexibility for change requests is given. However in other IT areas such as IT infrastructure development mostly linear project management methods such as the waterfall model are used.

Waterfall vs Agile: 3 Vorteile und 3 Nachteile für jede Methode. (2020, Oktober 27). Switzerland.

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IT Project Management with the Waterfall Model

computers, tablets, books and phones on table

The Waterfall Model is a linear project management method and has a project starting point and a project end. There are different forms – but there is usually a requirements or analysis phase, planning, implementation, testing, a starting phase (Go-Live) and a maintenance and/or optimization phase. [1]

The waterfall model is contrasted with newer, so-called “agile” project management approaches. A disadvantage of the waterfall model is that from the requirements analysis to the finished product a lot of time can pass.

Agile approaches, on the other hand, quickly deliver initial versions of a product. The product is then constantly improved and expanded using agile approaches. An advantage is that a high level of planning security is provided with the waterfall model. Costs can be estimated more clearly. [2]

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The waterfall model is a linear project management method with different project phases. Like agile project management, it has advantages and disadvantages. One advantage is this planning security. However, especially in IT projects, it is important that flexibility is provided. The waterfall model is very rigid and is often less suitable for software development.
However, in my experience, IT infrastructure projects often carried out with the waterfall model.

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Das Wasserfallmodell. (2020, März 10). IONOS Digital Guide.

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Management. Abgerufen 6. November 2023, von

Monetization of your Website with

Since a few months I am using ads for the monetization of I am having great success with it. is an online advertising network and it can help you if you are a content publisher. Various ad products are offered, like in-text, in-frame, in-fold, and in-tag ads.

Most ad networks have a price model called CPM (Cost per Mille). Cost per Mille means that you are getting a certain amount of money if ads are shown (as impression) thousand times to the website visitors. With you are getting money, based on ECPM, which means “Effective Cost Per Mille” (thousand impressions).

Another alternative to monetize your blog or website could be to add affiliate banners from or from Amazon Partner Network. The advantage of is that there are no hard entry requirements like minimum traffic or minimum visitors on your website.

infolinks ad, man says, he earns 1000$ with is easy to set up. Individual ads are shown to visitors based on their location. It is ideal if you are having visitors from all over the world.

If you sign up it takes a few days until your website is verified and hopefully approved. If you provide reputable and informative content there should not be a problem to become successfully verified.

The integration in WordPress is quite easy and plugin based. There is an easy integration for Drupal as well. If these CMS are not used, a JavaScript code snipped is provided for any other platform.

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To gain more traffic to your website you should provide high quality content and do SEO optimization. The internet is full of SEO hints and advises – just search. The more quality content you offer the more money you will make with

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Email Marketing

the word email in letters

Email marketing is a variant from the beginnings of online marketing. Potential customers are contacted via advertising email. This can be done during a campaign that runs for a certain period of time or with regularly recurring newsletters emissions. [1]

Learn here about the payment models in online marketing!

There are obstacles that prevent the marketer’s efforts to succeed.. A problem, for example, are SPAM filters, which often also block legitimate advertising emails. Continue to mention Robinson Lists. Robinson lists contain people who do not want to receive advertising emails. These lists must be checked before submitting an advertising email. To be compliant with the submission of an advertising email, a double opt-in procedure is recommended in practice. A delivery to advertising purposes are generally prohibited under the Telecommunications Act in some countries, unless sending is explicitly desired – with an opt-in. Advertising emails always have to be that way and need to have the option of an opt-out – i.e. the possibility of unsubscribing from the mailing list. [2]

Another problem is that there are a large number of mail clients and they are also available in different versions. The display of the advertising email subjects and the display of the whole email then varies from device to device. There is software that can be used to display the different clients can be checked in advance. [3]

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Before aspects such as controlling and testing the effectiveness of the advertising measure come into play come, you should ensure that the compliance of the marketing activity is achieve. It should also be ensured that technical problems such as display errors are solved in advance. Both problem areas can lead to reputational damage and ultimately lead to financial losses.

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Webpage Loading Time as SEO Factor

hand uses computer mouse, keyboard, screen

It is not a secret that the webpage loading time affects to SEO ranking. There are various factors that influence the loading time of a website in a positive or negative way.

Basically, there is the possibility of technical optimization of the hosting infrastructure. This also refers to the performance of the server hardware. The server load also plays a role here a big role. More expensive web hosting packages offer more powerful server hardware and at the same time the server occupation is lower. Another factor is the optimization of code such as HTML, Php, Javascript and CSS. Storing the fonts locally directly on the server is one another point that influences the loading time, as the website doesn’t need to contact external servers. You can also optimize images for the web so that less data needs to be transferred to the client. [1]

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“Server-side caching” means loading the data from the database before the client/browser requests it. This is another way to improve performance. The popular website WordPress software provides the appropriate plugins (modules) for free or as freemium product. One Another way in which boosts the entire internet is certainly browser caching. Previously accessed webpages haven’t to be completely downloaded from the servers, but stored locally on the end device. [2]

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The marketing specialist basically has less control over the loading speed of the website mostly. Most of the time there are technical factors and optimizing the loading time can often only be carried out by software developers or technicians. There are many small optimizations that can be done to boost up the webpage speed.


1 Spriestersbach, Kai. “PageSpeed Optimieren: Die Ladezeit der eigenen Website verbessern.” SISTRIX. Accessed December 11, 2023.

2 Tillison, Mark. “How to Use Caching to Optimise Page Speed.” Tillison Consulting (blog), May 22, 2023.

Different Paying Models in Online Marketing

calculator, money, phone, and book on table

Online marketing costs advertisers money. Publishers, affiliates or website operators can make money with online marketing. In online marketing there are different models according to which billing is carried out. Some of these models are here be briefly introduced. Learn here about Online Marketing!

The easiest way to understand billing is certainly that of display (or impression). For banners that are displayed to internet users with which the users i.e. have visual contact, is billed in bundles of thousands – according to the thousand contact price (CPM, also cost-per-mille, CPM for short). [1]

Pay-per-click (PPC) is another model in which not only the impression, but the click is compensated for an advertising medium. Google Ads also works according to this model. [2]

With the pay-per-lead (PPL) model, we only pay the advertiser for one new lead poured out. A lead can be an inquiry, a contact, a newsletter order, etc. [3]

Pay-per-sale (PPS) goes one step further and money is only paid when actually sales are generated. One impression, one click, one lead does not necessarily mean a increase in sales for the merchant – but a real sale is. Especially in affiliate marketing this model is used. [4]

With the PPC, PPL and PPS models, the advertiser has free added value – that of branding, i.e. brand building. [5]

Different billing models bring publishers, bloggers, website operators or affiliates have different options for monetizing their online activitys. The basis for sales and success is and remains a strong flow of visitors to the own webpage. Advertisers also benefit from different billing models.


1 “TKP Definition | Lexikon.” Accessed December 1, 2023.

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Different Aspects of Online Marketing

Online marketing has become a complex topic in the last decades. It is It is no longer possible for a single person to handle all sub-disciplines of online marketing nowadays. Here is a brief overview of the largest fields of online marketing.

One topic in online marketing is search engine optimization (SEO). Basically it’s about getting your website in the organic listing on the search engine Search engine results page (SERP) as high as possible and ahead of competitors. [1]

There is also keyword advertising. This refers to paid advertising above the organic listings on the SERP. Depending on the search terms entered in the search engine the internet user is shown suitable advertising materials. [2]

Affiliate marketing works through ads placed on third-party websites. The retailer basically uses advertising space on third-party websites and tries to sell products or sell services via these advertising spaces. The website operator gets a sales commission when the merchant sells a product through a link on the operators website. [3]

Online advertising means classic banner advertising on third-party websites. It’s not primarily about selling products, but also about clicks, impressions, etc. – it’s also about branding. [4]

There are also the major fields of social media marketing, email marketing and B2B Marketing in B2B networks should be mentioned. Video marketing is also a large field.

There are a few major fields in online marketing. However, online marketing is in constantly change. Newer trends such as advertising in smartphone apps or influencers marketing complements old channels such as email marketing. A suitable option is to find a marketing mix for your target audience in order to achieve marketing and ultimately business goals.

Read here about online marketing basics!

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What is Online Marketing?

google glass, tablet, coffe cup and keyboard, online marketing

There is no universal definition of what online marketing actually is. Also is the term subject to constant change, as technologies change and business models based on them are also changing constantly. [1]

Esther Düweke and Stefan Rabsch also talk about pull and push advertising. In any case it works about addressing the active internet user. [2]

Ralf Kreutzer means that Online Marketing are all activities that achieve marketing goals via devices with an Internet connection. Erwin Lammenett differentiates between online marketing goals in the “narrower” and “broader” sense. In recent years, your own homepage has no longer been the heart of the company activity, i.e. the pivotal point of business activity. It is more about to achieve marketing goals in the recent years. Philip Kotler says in 2001 online marketing includes everything, what comes to the online consumer via a modem (email, WWW, Aol,…). [3]

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However, it can be said with certainty that the sub-disciplines such as affiliate marketing, Online PR, search engine marketing (divided into search engine optimization, keyword Advertising, Universal Search,…), online advertising with banners, email marketing, social media Marketing, influencer marketing and some more are part of online marketing. [4]

Learn here about different aspects of online marketing!

The actual definition of the term “online marketing” is vague, the sub-disciplines however, they are relatively clearly differentiated from each other. This always refers to activities that lead to the achievement of online marketing goals.

The achievement of marketing goals should be measurable, however, this seems difficult in practice, as there are often detailed questions about success or failure decide. So it often cannot be said with certainty that changing a variable in a campaign would have led to more success or not.

Curious about email marketing? Read here!

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