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Agile IT Project Management

As an alternative to the linear waterfall model, especially in the field of software development agile approaches became established. When proceeding according to the Waterfall, a phase plan is processed sequentially. At the end there is the product ready to use. [1].

In contrast, there is agile project management. The advantage is that it’s quick, without taking a long time implementation phases, first usable results are available to customers.

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In iterations then the product becomes continually improved, optimized and new functions and features are provided.

In close communication with the customer, flexible adjustments to requirements and the product can be made. The waterfall approach however, this is hardly possible [2].

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An implementation of agile project management is “Scrum”. Here, the “Agile Manifesto” is the basis of action. It is determined there, for example that people and interactions are in the focus.

The focus further is on flexibility, prototyping and close collaboration with the customer. Furthermore, the “12 Principles” declare that delivery in short periods of time should happen continuously, self-reflection should be carried out to increase efficiency, that communication should be carried out personally with experts and developers, etc. Also should the environment of those involved be “motivating” [3].

Agile project management has advantages in many areas, especially in software development in contrast to the long established waterfall model. The customer gets first product versions quicker and high flexibility for change requests is given. However in other IT areas such as IT infrastructure development mostly linear project management methods such as the waterfall model are used.

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