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Cannot install Windows 11 on Samsung NVMe

Opened Harddisk drive

Basic Information

Recently I created with Ubuntu and the Linux dd Tool (Disk Dump) a bootable Windows 11 USB Stick. The aim was to install Windows 11 on a PC with a Samsung NVMe disk.

The Problem

As I started the Windows 11 installation procedure no disk was shown by the Windows installer and I was asked to provide an appropriate storage/disk driver. I basically could not install Windows on the NVMe disk, no matter which drivers I provided.

I also changes several BIOS settings without success. No matter if I changed setting like “Secure Boot”, operating system type, “fast boot” and so on, I was not able to install Windows 11. I tried also to install Windows 10 but failed too.

After a long search with Google I could finally fix the issue on my PC.

The Fix

I just created the USB Stick again, but not with dd (Disk Dump).

I installed the tool WoeUSB on my Ubuntu PC which is an Opensource tool and available for Linux. Then I installed the Windows ISO with WoeUSB on the USB Stick.

Please note that the step called “Installing GRUB bootloader for legacy PC booting support…” took me very long time – up to 25 minutes but the installation on the stick succeeded in my case.

That‘s it. After booting the Stick, the NVMe was recognized by the Windows installer and no driver was required. I could just modify the Partitions and Volumes and went on with the installation.

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