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Different Aspects of Online Marketing

Online marketing has become a complex topic in the last decades. It is It is no longer possible for a single person to handle all sub-disciplines of online marketing nowadays. Here is a brief overview of the largest fields of online marketing.

One topic in online marketing is search engine optimization (SEO). Basically it’s about getting your website in the organic listing on the search engine Search engine results page (SERP) as high as possible and ahead of competitors. [1]

There is also keyword advertising. This refers to paid advertising above the organic listings on the SERP. Depending on the search terms entered in the search engine the internet user is shown suitable advertising materials. [2]

Affiliate marketing works through ads placed on third-party websites. The retailer basically uses advertising space on third-party websites and tries to sell products or sell services via these advertising spaces. The website operator gets a sales commission when the merchant sells a product through a link on the operators website. [3]

Online advertising means classic banner advertising on third-party websites. It’s not primarily about selling products, but also about clicks, impressions, etc. – it’s also about branding. [4]

There are also the major fields of social media marketing, email marketing and B2B Marketing in B2B networks should be mentioned. Video marketing is also a large field.

There are a few major fields in online marketing. However, online marketing is in constantly change. Newer trends such as advertising in smartphone apps or influencers marketing complements old channels such as email marketing. A suitable option is to find a marketing mix for your target audience in order to achieve marketing and ultimately business goals.

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