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Different Paying Models in Online Marketing

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Online marketing costs advertisers money. Publishers, affiliates or website operators can make money with online marketing. In online marketing there are different models according to which billing is carried out. Some of these models are here be briefly introduced. Learn here about Online Marketing!

The easiest way to understand billing is certainly that of display (or impression). For banners that are displayed to internet users with which the users i.e. have visual contact, is billed in bundles of thousands – according to the thousand contact price (CPM, also cost-per-mille, CPM for short). [1]

Pay-per-click (PPC) is another model in which not only the impression, but the click is compensated for an advertising medium. Google Ads also works according to this model. [2]

With the pay-per-lead (PPL) model, we only pay the advertiser for one new lead poured out. A lead can be an inquiry, a contact, a newsletter order, etc. [3]

Pay-per-sale (PPS) goes one step further and money is only paid when actually sales are generated. One impression, one click, one lead does not necessarily mean a increase in sales for the merchant – but a real sale is. Especially in affiliate marketing this model is used. [4]

With the PPC, PPL and PPS models, the advertiser has free added value – that of branding, i.e. brand building. [5]

Different billing models bring publishers, bloggers, website operators or affiliates have different options for monetizing their online activitys. The basis for sales and success is and remains a strong flow of visitors to the own webpage. Advertisers also benefit from different billing models.


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