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Email Marketing

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Email marketing is a variant from the beginnings of online marketing. Potential customers are contacted via advertising email. This can be done during a campaign that runs for a certain period of time or with regularly recurring newsletters emissions. [1]

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There are obstacles that prevent the marketer’s efforts to succeed.. A problem, for example, are SPAM filters, which often also block legitimate advertising emails. Continue to mention Robinson Lists. Robinson lists contain people who do not want to receive advertising emails. These lists must be checked before submitting an advertising email. To be compliant with the submission of an advertising email, a double opt-in procedure is recommended in practice. A delivery to advertising purposes are generally prohibited under the Telecommunications Act in some countries, unless sending is explicitly desired – with an opt-in. Advertising emails always have to be that way and need to have the option of an opt-out – i.e. the possibility of unsubscribing from the mailing list. [2]

Another problem is that there are a large number of mail clients and they are also available in different versions. The display of the advertising email subjects and the display of the whole email then varies from device to device. There is software that can be used to display the different clients can be checked in advance. [3]

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Before aspects such as controlling and testing the effectiveness of the advertising measure come into play come, you should ensure that the compliance of the marketing activity is achieve. It should also be ensured that technical problems such as display errors are solved in advance. Both problem areas can lead to reputational damage and ultimately lead to financial losses.

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