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Get DOS Game Ascendancy running in DOSBOX

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Basic Information

Today I wanted to run an old DOS game called Ascendancy which was released 1995 by the “Logic Factory”. The game is about conquering the whole universe, doing research and war or diplomacy.

It’s basically a strategy game.

I am using Dosbox for old DOS games on Linux. Dosbox creates an old DOS like environment and the old .exe files can be started in this environment. Tutorials on how to install and to use Dosbox can be found in the internet.

The Problem and the Fix

In the Dosbox the game doesn’t run because the 3 major files of the game need to be found by the binaries. A configuration file contains the path to the 3 files and this configuration file needs to be adjusted. The files are “ascend00.cob”, “ascend01.cob” and “ascend03.cob”.

The configuration file is in the main directory of the game and is called “COB.CFG”. Open this file with an editor and adjust the path to the 3 files above.


It’s not rocket science this time in my post but hopefully someone is helped with this information.

Start the game and have fun 😉

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