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IT Project Management with the Waterfall Model

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The Waterfall Model is a linear project management method and has a project starting point and a project end. There are different forms – but there is usually a requirements or analysis phase, planning, implementation, testing, a starting phase (Go-Live) and a maintenance and/or optimization phase. [1]

The waterfall model is contrasted with newer, so-called “agile” project management approaches. A disadvantage of the waterfall model is that from the requirements analysis to the finished product a lot of time can pass.

Agile approaches, on the other hand, quickly deliver initial versions of a product. The product is then constantly improved and expanded using agile approaches. An advantage is that a high level of planning security is provided with the waterfall model. Costs can be estimated more clearly. [2]

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The waterfall model is a linear project management method with different project phases. Like agile project management, it has advantages and disadvantages. One advantage is this planning security. However, especially in IT projects, it is important that flexibility is provided. The waterfall model is very rigid and is often less suitable for software development.
However, in my experience, IT infrastructure projects often carried out with the waterfall model.

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