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Monetization of your Website with Infolinks.com

Since a few months I am using infolinks.com ads for the monetization of error-blog.com. I am having great success with it.

Infolinks.com is an online advertising network and it can help you if you are a content publisher. Various ad products are offered, like in-text, in-frame, in-fold, and in-tag ads.

Most ad networks have a price model called CPM (Cost per Mille). Cost per Mille means that you are getting a certain amount of money if ads are shown (as impression) thousand times to the website visitors. With infolinks.com you are getting money, based on ECPM, which means “Effective Cost Per Mille” (thousand impressions).

Another alternative to monetize your blog or website could be to add affiliate banners from skimlinks.com or from Amazon Partner Network. The advantage of infolinks.com is that there are no hard entry requirements like minimum traffic or minimum visitors on your website.

infolinks ad, man says, he earns 1000$ with infolinks.com

Infolinks.com is easy to set up. Individual ads are shown to visitors based on their location. It is ideal if you are having visitors from all over the world.

If you sign up it takes a few days until your website is verified and hopefully approved. If you provide reputable and informative content there should not be a problem to become successfully verified.

The infolinks.com integration in WordPress is quite easy and plugin based. There is an easy integration for Drupal as well. If these CMS are not used, a JavaScript code snipped is provided for any other platform.

infolinks ad, women says, she earns double money with infolinks.com

To gain more traffic to your website you should provide high quality content and do SEO optimization. The internet is full of SEO hints and advises – just search. The more quality content you offer the more money you will make with infolinks.com.

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Host your website at All-inkl.com ALL-INKL.COM - Webhosting Server Hosting Domain Provider

Women makes 500$ with infolinks.com

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