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Online Marketing

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  • What is Online Marketing?
    There is no universal definition of what online marketing actually is. Also is the term subject to constant change, as technologies change and business models based on them are also changing constantly. [1] Esther Düweke and Stefan Rabsch also talk about pull and push advertising. In any case it works about addressing the active internet … Continue reading
  • Different Aspects of Online Marketing
    Online marketing has become a complex topic in the last decades. It is It is no longer possible for a single person to handle all sub-disciplines of online marketing nowadays. Here is a brief overview of the largest fields of online marketing. One topic in online marketing is search engine optimization (SEO). Basically it’s about … Continue reading
  • Different Paying Models in Online Marketing
    Online marketing costs advertisers money. Publishers, affiliates or website operators can make money with online marketing. In online marketing there are different models according to which billing is carried out. Some of these models are here be briefly introduced. Learn here about Online Marketing! The easiest way to understand billing is certainly that of display … Continue reading
  • Webpage Loading Time as SEO Factor
    It is not a secret that the webpage loading time affects to SEO ranking. There are various factors that influence the loading time of a website in a positive or negative way. Basically, there is the possibility of technical optimization of the hosting infrastructure. This also refers to the performance of the server hardware. The … Continue reading
  • Email Marketing
    Email marketing is a variant from the beginnings of online marketing. Potential customers are contacted via advertising email. This can be done during a campaign that runs for a certain period of time or with regularly recurring newsletters emissions. [1] Learn here about the payment models in online marketing! There are obstacles that prevent the … Continue reading
  • Monetization of your Website with Infolinks.com
    Since a few months I am using infolinks.com ads for the monetization of error-blog.com. I am having great success with it. Infolinks.com is an online advertising network and it can help you if you are a content publisher. Various ad products are offered, like in-text, in-frame, in-fold, and in-tag ads. Most ad networks have a … Continue reading
  • IT Project Management with the Waterfall Model
    The Waterfall Model is a linear project management method and has a project starting point and a project end. There are different forms – but there is usually a requirements or analysis phase, planning, implementation, testing, a starting phase (Go-Live) and a maintenance and/or optimization phase. [1] The waterfall model is contrasted with newer, so-called … Continue reading
  • Agile IT Project Management
    As an alternative to the linear waterfall model, especially in the field of software development agile approaches became established. When proceeding according to the Waterfall, a phase plan is processed sequentially. At the end there is the product ready to use. [1]. In contrast, there is agile project management. The advantage is that it’s quick, … Continue reading
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Small Businesses
    The GDPR is the basis of general data protection law in the EU. [1] The GDPR contains regulations to protect natural persons during processing personal data and the free movement of such data and further protects the fundamental rights and freedoms of natural persons and in particular their right to protection personal data. [2] The … Continue reading
Host your website at All-inkl.com ALL-INKL.COM - Webhosting Server Hosting Domain Provider

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