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Webpage Loading Time as SEO Factor

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It is not a secret that the webpage loading time affects to SEO ranking. There are various factors that influence the loading time of a website in a positive or negative way.

Basically, there is the possibility of technical optimization of the hosting infrastructure. This also refers to the performance of the server hardware. The server load also plays a role here a big role. More expensive web hosting packages offer more powerful server hardware and at the same time the server occupation is lower. Another factor is the optimization of code such as HTML, Php, Javascript and CSS. Storing the fonts locally directly on the server is one another point that influences the loading time, as the website doesn’t need to contact external servers. You can also optimize images for the web so that less data needs to be transferred to the client. [1]

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“Server-side caching” means loading the data from the database before the client/browser requests it. This is another way to improve performance. The popular website WordPress software provides the appropriate plugins (modules) for free or as freemium product. One Another way in which boosts the entire internet is certainly browser caching. Previously accessed webpages haven’t to be completely downloaded from the servers, but stored locally on the end device. [2]

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The marketing specialist basically has less control over the loading speed of the website mostly. Most of the time there are technical factors and optimizing the loading time can often only be carried out by software developers or technicians. There are many small optimizations that can be done to boost up the webpage speed.


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